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I wanted to produce quality lamb to sell as premium lamb boxes to compliment our Christmas turkey business but also I wanted to be breeding quality stock to help protect the Oxford Down breed and build up my flock.

I was never going to show but was persuaded to and won Breed Champion at the Bath and West in my first year (2015) with one of only 2 ewe lambs born, the same lamb also won her class and The Three Counties and Reserve champion at The Berkshire Show.

I started Signet recording my flock in 2018, this means I have collected data from each lamb - Birth weight, Lambing ease, eight week weight, 20 week weight and have ultrasound scanned for muscle depth and fat depth.

This enables me to only keep the very best sheep that will produce the best lamb carcases.

All my sheep are reared on a forage based diet. In lamb ewes are supplemented  with lifeline lick buckets 6 weeks pre-lambing.


My flock consists of 35 breeding females plus followers and is expanding to keep up with demand!



Oxford Lambs grazing
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